At the Pousada & SPA Mi Secreto we can say that we never lost sight of what is important: sustainable development.For this reason, at each step of our evolution, we have tried to adopt all the measures that our limitations allowed us to make sustainability a reality in our company:

. Use of energy savers in all resort suites

. Low consumption LED lamps

. Procel A + labeled appliances

. Solar heated showers in bathrooms

. Warnings in the suites to make customers aware of water savings (washing towels and sheets)

. Our furniture and decoration are mostly handmade, by local artisans, using raw materials from the region or demolition wood

. We separate recyclable and organic waste, supporting a Local Recycling Association, in addition to recycling saturated oil.

. Our swimming pool has an ioniser, thus reducing the excessive use of chemicals.

. The reception of the resort has a green roof.

. The resort’s employees are in the vast majority from Region, from São Miguel do Gostoso, and the resort offers continuing education they need, in partnership with SEBRAE and SENAC.

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