Gastronomical proposal

Lorenzo Mancini

The restaurant bistro 70 m2 in São Miguel do Gostoso it belongs to the Italian chef Lorenzo Mancini and is the best option for those looking to be impressed with a more creative and differentiated cuisine.

With a capacity to receive only 22 people in an open and very pleasant hall, the restaurant bistro 70 m2 has a varied menu with Mediterranean influence.

The restaurant bistro 70 m2 is located on the street but frequented by São Miguel do Gostoso, Rua da Xêpa.


São Miguel do Gostoso

  • Address: Rua Praia da Xepa, 148, São Miguel do Gostoso
  • Phone: (84) 98191-1007
  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 23:00

Come and enjoy our restaurant!

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