Tao paradise

Tao Paradise is a Day Use where you can spend a day in the crystalline waters of a spring, in an area of 21 hectares surrounded by greenery with banana trees, mango trees, avocado trees, passion fruit plants, pineapple, siriguela, jackfruit and mangaba.
It was in this scenario that Davide Zanonni built beautiful huts with the capacity to receive up to 20 people at a time, in the “day use” style, on the banks of the Catolé River, which later becomes Punaú. With fresh and crystalline water, the river that borders the huts provides the visitor with a relaxing and delicious bath, one in which we don’t feel like leaving.
The visitor is entitled to a cocktail on arrival, some snacks and a full lunch with a starter, pasta, main course, dessert and coffee.
There are networks strategically well distributed for those who want to take a nap with the sound of birdsong and with the certainty that cell phone will not ring, because there is no phone reception.

Access to Tao Paradise is a 45-minute journey from São Miguel do Gostoso (50 km). The place works with reservation.

More information: www.taoparadise.com.br

Barra do Punaú River

In the municipality of Rio do Fogo, Barra do Punaú is located. A stunning scenery marked by dunes and coconut trees, where the Punaú River meets the sea forming a unique spectacle. The scenery is so incredible that it has already served as a location for television and film productions. It is a quiet, almost deserted beach, with calm, translucent and warm waters.

At Barra de Punaú Beach you can enjoy relaxing on the sand, but you can also participate in kayak trips on the river and ATV, ride a horse enjoying the wonderful view of the region, or enjoy the dunes descending on a board and falling into the warm water from Barra de Punaú Beach.

There is a restaurant that serves seafood and regional food such as fried fish, shrimp, octopus and dried meat.


Galinhos is a peaceful fishing village of Galos, located on a peninsula isolated by mobile dunes and bathed by the sea and by an arm of salt water, 85 km from São Miguel do Gostoso.
From São Miguel do Gostoso you can go by buggy or 4 × 4, along the beach and at low tide, or by car down the street (you have to take a boat to get there). We recommend the walk along the beach, because the trip there is worth it, even if it takes approximately 3 hours (yes, 3 hours one way and 3 hours back! It’s tiring but it’s worth it!) In our opinion, the strong point of Galinhos is nature: Beautiful beaches with clear waters, dunes, salt flats and mangroves form the landscapes that enchant tourists.
In this sense, the excursion does not make sense if you do not hire a boat trip from our great friend Junior Tubarão. On an excursion that takes several hours, he will show you the best of the place: the incredible mangroves, the moving dunes, the native fauna and flora (all kinds of fish, starfish, snails, birds and even horses – sea, salt pans, traditional fishing) and even better, at lunch time, he will jump off the boat and pick up fresh oysters for you, prepare several options of sashimi with freshly caught fish and for dessert, very sweet fruits for everyone. All of this served on a table that floats on the water !!! Must see!!!!!

Tourinhos beach

It is the most beautiful beach in the region, with rock formations of dunes petrified over 2,500 years ago. Semi-desert, it has calm waves, soft sand and reefs. In one of the rocks there is a crack that, at high tide, spurts a jet of water known as “whale sigh”.

Another highlight is the unmissable sunset. For those on buggy or quad, at low tide, just follow the sand from Praia do Reduto.

ATV & Buggy Tours & Rentals

To explore paradise a little more and to make sure to see everything, there are options for buggy rides and ATV trails. Some agencies come to you, so it is even more convenient to discover the lush beaches of São Miguel do Gostoso.

Parrachos of Perobas

Perobas’ Coral Banks look like organic pools: shallow, transparent and full of corals. For those who want to try a nice bath, you can go on a tour guided boat or speedboat trip up to the spot where you can go into the water. As you go snorkeling, you will be able to enjoy a big species variety of fish and corals. The Perobas’ Coral Banks are located only 33km / 20.5mi far from Gostoso.

Maracajau Parrachos

One of the best tours for those who like to enjoy marine life. In the clear waters of the region it is possible to snorkel and those experienced and brave can go deeper. Anyone who wants to, but has never dived with an oxygen balloon, can do the “baptism”, the first dive, which is accompanied by a professional. The walk there is a full plate for nature lovers.


For those who like to join sport and ride, there are some points in Gostoso that rent the famous fat bikes. This makes it easy to get around, enjoy nature and cycle.

Birth of turtles

Sea turtles are fundamental to the balance of nature. The “Pente” species come every year to our waterside to spawn. Watching this spectacle of nature is a magical and unforgettable moment. Turtle births occur between the months of May and August.

Horseback Riding

For nature lovers, in Gostoso you can enjoy a beautiful ride on the beach. And to make the scenery perfect, you will have the privilege of doing it at sunset, which is one of the most beautiful shows that only Gostoso has. Walking on horseback, frees us from the tensions that we accumulate on a daily basis, providing us with immense well-being. It is the contact with the great spaces, the purity of the air, the immense sky, the birds, the sea … in short, the call of nature. Horses are docile and easy to handle, so they are accessible to everyone.

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