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The incessant Aliseo and the particular geographic formation (here we are on the corner of the continent) combined with a thermal effect, make São Miguel do Gostoso one of the locations with the highest frequency of windy days in the world. 
Only the rains in the months of May and June are able to decrease the average wind.

A wonderful bay formed by the tip is the perfect setting for what is considered one of the best and most complete spots in northeastern Brazil.
 The wide area of smooth water, which at low tide allows you to walk for several tens of meters with the water at your waist, provides newbies with a good way to learn the beach, waterstart and maneuvers. 
A sandbar 600 mts from the beach complements the spot, creating perfect waves between 1 meter and 2 meters in height. The wind direction is east-southeast, reaching the land side of the beach from the right beach on average between 18-25 nos. The most used sails are 4.7-5.3 and kites 7-11.

Between October and February, northern swells are possible which create wonderful conditions for waveriding.

In the months of July and August the wind can be more from the south, outward and very gusty, in this case the sailing is better windward to the end, on the beach of Monte Alegre. Another option at that time is to take a walk on the southernmost beaches like Perobas (40 ′), Lagoa grande (45 ′), Maracajaù (50 ′) and Genipabu (1 h.) where the wind conditions will be great.

From Pousada & Spa Mi Secreto, we recommend the Kitesurfing and windsurfing school and rental Dr. Wind, which is next to the Pousada & Spa Mi Secreto and has the best infrastructure and equipment for the practice of these sports.


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