Mi SPA by L´Occitane is a space that was carefully developed to offer customers a welcoming and harmonious environment, taking care of the well-being of the body and soul.

Let yourself be carried away by our exclusive team of massage therapists and stroll through feelings of well-being aroused by excellent therapies, using high quality products, which awaken relaxation and freshness in the body. Choose the one your body asks for and believe: life with pampering and care makes all the difference!


1. MANDACARU treatment

Revitalizing moment

90´ Exfoliation + massage

Line-based treatment Mandacaru, which consists of a gentle and effective exfoliation done on the whole body, treating the skin, removing dead cells and refining the texture. Followed by Body Massage, providing relaxation and well-being.

Deep Hydration 120´

Immersion bath + mixed massage

The treatment begins with an invigorating bath. Followed by massage all over the body, bringing all the L´occitane techniques, involving the body in a fresh and delicate fragrance.

Moisturizing Exfoliation

45´ body scrub

The treatment begins with an invigorating bath. Followed by massage all over the body, bringing all the L´occitane techniques, covering the body in a fresh and delicate fragrance.

Reflexology 45´

Ultra Soft Feet

The feet deserve attention and care, as well as the rest of the body. A 45-minute treatment that leaves your feet relaxed, fresh and soft!

2. BACURI treatment

Bacuri 45´ Nutritive Mask

Body Wrapping

Repairing care for very dry and sun damaged skin. This treatment strengthens the skin barrier, leaving it more protected against dryness or sun damage. While a foot and scalp massage guarantees a moment of pure relaxation.

3. Lemongrass treatment

60′ Relaxation Massage

This relaxing body massage is performed on the entire body, from the back of the hands to the legs and feet, and relaxing the deep muscles, while activating the circulation for general health and well-being. The treatment releases all the tension: the stress simply disappears!

Intense Massage 60´ Relaxation

This massage is the variation of our relaxing body massage, and works a deeper layer of muscle tissue, with slower and firmer movements. The massage sequence focuses more on the shoulders and neck, that is, the areas that accumulate tension.

4. VICTORY RÉGIA Treatment

Jet-Lag 60´ Massage

This relaxing detoxifying body massage is based on the lymphatic drainage technique in the legs. The whole rhythm is directed towards the lymphatic endings, helping to reduce the excess of liquid and toxins stored in the tissues, which can be responsible for tiredness. Finally, a relaxing back massage to relieve tension and tiredness.

5. CAJÚ Treatment

60´modelling massage

Thiss shaping massage focuses on the most typical areas of fat deposits and cellulite: legs, abdomen and buttocks. This focused combination of movements stimulates the muscles, increases lymphatic and blood circulation and thus improves the body’s ability to eliminate waste and toxins. The result is a reduction in fluid retention and provides a feeling of lightness throughout the body!

Romantic Jacuzzi 45´


This 45-minute immersion bath is ideal for letting go of stress and relaxing together. Accompanied by a 375 ml wine and special decoration.

6. MI SPA treatments

Sports Massage 60´

It is a massage designed for sports lovers, working on the trigger points of the body, helping to relieve pain, tension and muscle contractures.

Hot Stones massage 60´


Hot stone massage works on specific points on the body, helping to relieve tiredness and accumulated stress, muscle pain, as well as providing deep relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage 60′

This massage is ideal for eliminating liquids, toxins and waste from the body, activating blood circulation and helping to reduce the swelling of the body, benefiting your health.

Mi spa policy

– Schedule your treatment in advance.

– It is necessary to cancel or reschedule your treatment at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the treatment will automatically expire.

– For cancellation or no show, a fee of 50% of the treatment will be charged.

– Arrive 15 minutes in advance.

– In case of delay, the minutes will be deducted from the total service time. Delays of more than 20 minutes, the treatment will be canceled, and a fee of 50% of the treatment will be charged.

– In case of inclusion of bath or shower, consult the team in advance.

Payment Policy

– Guests: will be charged the amount for treatments at check-out, at the reception.

– External customers: 50% of the amount will be charged at the time of booking at the reception.        

– For no shows or cancellations after 24 hours, there will be no refund of the amount paid.

Payment methods: cash or credit and debit card

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